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Closing a sale is no easy feat, often relying on many factors that lead up to that final, successful deal. For many salespeople, especially those new to their job, the ramp-up time can be long and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Top companies with long-term successful sales reps have a secret weapon that sets them apart from the pack: A Sales Playbook.


The sales playbook is a great, go-to resource that outlines weekly activities, best practices, and proven techniques. A well-designed playbook empowers your sales team to engage customers at every stage of the buying cycle and greatly increases their likelihood of closing more sales. Become a “Trusted Advisor” and exceed your customer’s expectations.

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Get started today for a one-time investment of $999, plus $149/month for hosting and site maintenance. Your Sales Playbook solution comes branded to your organization and includes: 

  • 18 Sales Training Modules

  • Eight (8) instructional "how-to" videos

  • Interactive file manager to manage assignments

  • Custom URL tied to your organization's website and domain

Sales Playbook - $999*

Revolutionize Your Sales Team in 12 Months

Our team will develop a sales training program for your organization. Complete with instructional modules, how-to videos, interactive assignments, and branded messaging – your playbook outlines a 12-month sales track that will revolutionize your sales force. And with custom solutions available, we can develop a solution truly unique to your organization’s needs.


Tools for Success

Goal Setting, Phone Scripts, CRM, Industry Best Practices, and How-To-Videos are just a few of the tools in the playbook that will help our team. Whether you’re onboarding a new salesperson or helping out a struggling veteran.


Selling Skills

From building rapport to asking qualifying questions, recommending solutions, overcoming objections, and the proper way to ask for the sale, we’ll demonstrate the proper way to execute each step of the sales process.



This vital part of the sales process is the one that is neglected the most. This playbook will help new and experienced salespeople gain proven techniques that will ensure their sales funnel is adequate to achieve their goals


Leading Metrics

Successful salespeople understand that identifying & executing the “critical few” activities will lead to more closed sales. This playbook will help you identify the activities that will increase your chances of more closed sales.


Ready to Level Up Your Salesforce?

Learn to generate more leads and increase sales performance with your very own Sales Playbook. Or, take the first step in developing your sales force with our Fractional Sales Management service. 


We can't wait to get started!

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