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Ensure your future workforce is always prepared


In the beginning....

IntegrateU was born from a hole our team found in the marketplace.


While working for the home technology company Livewire, IntegrateU founders Dante Walston and Henry Clifford were looking for a more comprehensive onboarding system for their new technicians.


Frustrated with the lack of industry offerings, they decided to tackle the project themselves and developed Livewire University in 2015. The learning platform would eventually evolve into the infrastructure for IntegrateU, which has continued to grow in the years since. 

Studies indicate that one out every four workers quit a job because the aren't onboarded properly. Actually, 4% of new employees leave their job on the first day. That number rises to 40% within the first six months. 

IntegrateU represents a new way to onboard, engage and develop talent, and our commitment goes beyond the employee orientation.


Our process ensures a full integration for new employees, keeping them engaged, productive, and ensuring a smooth transition into their new role within the organization. 

Secure your future workforce, and contact us today.

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Our revolutionary curriculum represents the opportunity for us to share our real world experiences with the industry through badly needed resources. As the premier online learning platform, IntegrateU offers subscribers:

  • Personalized learning experiences designed to accommodate users from beginners to seasoned experts.

  • Member branding and personalized designs

  • Custom courses that include micro-video lessons, interactive videos, eLearning software, gamification practices, certifications, video conferencing, test assignments, and much more.

  • Access to the entire CEDIA Course Library (over $9,000,00 in retail value).



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