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RMR Development Consulting

Boost your business's financial stability with our RMR development consulting. We help you identify and capitalize on opportunities to increase recurring monthly revenue, ensuring long-term profitability and growth.

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Kickstart your journey with Parasol and swiftly achieve operational readiness. Our expert will dedicate a day to work closely with your team, either on-site or virtually. Following this, we'll devise a tailored plan based on our insights and support it with weekly accountability calls to maintain strong momentum.

Duration: Ongoing Service

  • Sessions: 4 sessions per month

  • Session Length: 2 hours each

Included in this service are:

On-site or Virtual Site Visit

An expert consultant will spend a day with your team to understand your unique needs and goals.

Weekly & Monthly Check-Ins

Regular meetings to ensure continuous progress and address any challenges.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

Comprehensive reports to track your development and measure success.

Custom Learning & Development Paths

Tailored training plans designed to meet your specific operational requirements.

Ready to Achieve Operational Readiness?

Partner with us to accelerate your readiness and drive sustained success. 

Let's achieve your operational goals together!

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